Fee fi fo fum!

I smell the blood of an Englishman. No, wait, I think that’s the cheese I’m melting getting burned again. Let me just check. Oh, hello there, let me act as if I didn’t see that you were reading me at all and continue to make myself loveable for a second. Ok, I’m done, I think I’ve projected enough of my charms to interest you.

Welcome to the development blog for the BABIES project. It’s a prenatal diagnosis software that was proposed under the name(take a deep breath): ‘Computer Assisted Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Malformations’, but since everyone we knew kept saying it ‘Computer Assisted Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis of Feta haaaah’ and kept taking deep breaths for five minutes, we discovered BABIES is a much better name. A foetus is a baby after all, what’s a few months going to do, grow him some limbs? (Ba Dum Tss). BABIES is capitalised because it’s supposed to be an acronym for something, we just haven’t figured out what yet. Bad Acronym Becomes Incredibly Exceptional Software? Yep, that’ll work.

So, why a development blog? Because the two developers of this software(check us out in the about section, it’s free!) really like working on the project. We work when we wish to, which is usually at 8 A.M for no reason at all. We are completely in charge, even though we have a project manager but we’ll overthrow him soon, he’s too good for our own comfort. Don’t read that last part, Hamdy!! We also listen to old Disney cartoons music most of the time, so It makes perfect sense to make a dev blog. Seriously, try listening to Mulan and Hercules’ songs again, they’re fantastic. He was a no one, zero zero, now he’s a hot shot, he’s a hero…(Fist bump If you danced a little to this in your chair. Hamdy, don’t get any ideas, we work hard. Like Hercules hard *wink*)

I think a development blog is a good way to document our thought process, successes and failures, as well as a way for us to get a firmer grasp on the stuff we already did and why we did them. It’s not a secret that we better our understanding of a subject when we try to explain it, especially in writing. I realize this might make updating this blog a bit of a task, but we’ll try to make it a fun one.

Feedback from anyone will be immensely rewarded. Tshirts, mugs, portraits of us sitting on a chair and looking down at you, or anything you want to give us we’ll take if you give us feedback. Yep, we’ll generously accept your beautiful probably-custom-made precious but a little creepy stuff if you tell us what you think of us. If you throw in a couple of comments about how we thought about, solved or got stuck on an issue, a suggestion of a useful feature, a demand that we get paid more, or you just have a track you want us to listen to, we’ll be very happy too. We’re actually very easy to please, I smile if I just look at myself in the mirror and find it’s smiling at me too.

I’ll leave you to the posts then.

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